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9th FIP Global Pharmacy Technicians’ Symposium_Day 2

20 October 2021

Ten years after the first FIP Pharmacy Technicians’ Symposium, we invite you to attend this year’s virtual event. The 2021 Pharmacy Technicians’ Symposium will take place on 19 and 20 October in celebration of World Pharmacy Technician Day (October 19). Take a look at the full programme here:

Symposium Programme

13:00 - 14:30 CEST

Trends in digital health technologies require the entire pharmacy workforce to prepare for and adapt to constant change.
This session will explore how pharmacy technicians can best engage in advances in digital health.

Learning Objectives:
● Recognize emerging trends in digital health technologies
● Identify digital tools that aid in the delivery of patient care
● Describe the role of pharmacy technicians in digital health

Chairs: Christina Durinck (Denmark) & Ryan Burke (US)

● Jacqueline Surugue (France)
● Vijay Sarma (Canada)
● Peter Karegwa Mwangi (Kenya)
● Giada Crivelli & Karen Chin (Australia)

14:30 - 14:35 CEST Break

14:35 - 15:50 CEST
Unique Pharmacy Technician Activities “Things you didn't know pharmacy technicians do”

Pharmacy technicians across the globe play a key role in all aspects of pharmacy practice. Some roles are well known, while others are less common but equally important in terms of patient care.

This presentation will focus on unique roles for pharmacy technicians, including academia, radiopharmaceuticals, transplant, medicines administration, and more.

Learning Objectives:
● Identify unique roles for pharmacy technicians
● Describe the education, training, and experience required for pharmacy technicians to engage in certain areas of pharmacy practice
● Recognize the key tasks and responsibilities of pharmacy technicians working in transplant, medication administration, smoking cessation, and pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution.

Chairs: Tamara Koehler (Netherlands) & Cathy Schuster (Canada)

● Amareen Kamboh & Claire Williams (UK)
● Rachelle Shelkey (Canada)
● Karen Hemmingsen (Denmark)
● Marianne Timm (Denmark)

15:50 - 16:00 CEST Symposium Closing Remarks