FIP Transforming Conversations

FIP’s Transforming Conversations Podcasts Programme 2022

It is often said that sometimes the most important conversations are the most difficult to engage in, and in the programme of events described below we will host conversations that will allow our speakers and audience to feel heard, inspired, motivated and intrigued.

FIP’s “Transforming conversations” programme is a new, special podcast series of in-depth conversations and story-telling with and by pharmacists and other health professionals on topics ranging from personal growth, resilience and health to patient care that goes beyond the call of duty.

Each podcast will focus on case studies where pharmacists (individuals or in teams) have brought about profound social, cultural and health change.

The programme will celebrate our unsung heroes practising pharmacy in the face of extreme distress and in crises. It will invite them to explain how they broke down barriers, and describe the obstacles they overcame along the way.