Vaccination: Benefits beyond specific disease prevention

This is a mini series of digital events aiming to highlight the extensive advantages of vaccination beyond merely guarding against specific pathogens in older adults. The series is comprised of four parts. Parts 1 and 2 will be in the form of two digital events with an educational focus. Event 1, on 21 August, will delve into the evidence base of indirect benefits of vaccination in areas such as cardiovascular health, diabetes and arthritis in older adults and prolonged immune responses that contribute to sustained health. Event 2, on 31 August, will underscore the indispensable role of pharmacists in promoting healthy aging through vaccination. Highlighting the tools and strategies pharmacists employ, this event will emphasise their vital role in enhancing patients’ quality of life, especially among older people. 

With these foundational and educational discussions in place, enriching dialogues in Parts 3 and 4 will further unveil the multifaceted benefits of vaccination. The two events planned on September 13 and October 23 will feature interprofessional and multi-organisational panels. Event 3 will focus on the burden of diseases, and the risks and costs of not widening access to vaccination. We will also revisit FIP resources and the process of setting up vaccination at a pharmacy: pre-vaccination, vaccination, post-vaccination and in-depth case studies. The downstream effects of vaccination (e.g. protection against other diseases) will also be revisited in event 4, building on the outcomes of Part 1 in this mini series.

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