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Episode 2. Pharmacists rising up to the occasion

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1 August 2022

Lebanon is grappling with an unprecedented economic and financial crisis which have been heightened by an ongoing pandemic and the devastation caused by the explosion in the heart of Beirut Port on 4th August 2020. In this episode, we talk to Dr Mohamad Hijazi from the faculty of pharmacy in Beirut Arab University in Lebanon to raise awareness about the unique experiences and challenges of pharmacists facing multiple crises in Lebanon.

Guest speaker: Dr Mohammad Ali Hijazi, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, Beirut Arab university, Beirut, Lebanon

About Dr Mohammad Ali Hijazi:
Dr. Mohamad Hijazi received his B.S. degree in Pharmacy from Beirut Arab University in 2007 with high distinction and honors. Based on his academic excellence, he was granted a master and Ph.D. degree scholarship from BAU in pharmaceutical sciences in 2010 & 2017 respectively.Dr. Hijazi joined the faculty of pharmacy at BAU as lecturer in 2014, and then promoted to Assistant Professor in 2017.

Counting on his diversified experience in pharmacy practice and education, he is responsible to develop and teach courses related to natural products therapy and pharmacy practice. In addition, he coordinates pharmacy students during their experiential learning at community pharmacies setting. He continuously struggles to raise the quality of teaching by implementing recent and diversified activities and assessment methodologies.

Dr. Hijazi has more than 15 years of experience in the various pharmaceutical sectors (community pharmacy, pharma companies, pharmaceutical education and research). For him, the twining between teaching and research represents the best response to challenges and community needs and ensure the highest quality of practicing and delivering health services. As a sense of responsibility towards pharmacy profession, he has launched few epidemiological and pharmacy practice projects to upscale the pharmacy profession and role of pharmacists. He has extended an arm in service to stakeholders and health authorities in Lebanon (MoPH, OPL, PHC, etc) to respond to surrounding challenges and crises threatening the pharmacy profession and community health as well.