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3D printing of pharmaceuticals: get ready

26 October 2021

3D printing offers the potential to revolutionise the production of pharmaceuticals targeted to the gastrointestinal tract by offering a flexible drug product manufacturing platform that can adapt readily to changing market and patient needs.
When will a pharmacist be able to use each patient’s individual information — such as age, race, gender or constitution — to produce their optimal medication dose, rather than relying on a standard set of doses? Could there be a time when a pharmacist will be able to print drugs in a complex construct of layers? When will patients be able to print their medicines at home?

Describe the generalities related to 3D printing of medicines.
Understand the opportunities, issues and regulation related to 3D printing of medicines.
Learn how different technological tools allow personalised 3D printed medicines.
Outline a practical experience in 3D printing in pharmacies

- Jaime Acosta, Community Pharmacy Section’s Executive Committee Member, FIP CPS, Spain

- Alvaro Goyanes Goyanes, Co-founder and Director of Development, FabRx Ltd, United Kingdom
- Patrick van Oirschot, Director | Consultant, GPP Support, Netherlands
- Jan Saevels, Scientific Director, Association of Pharmacists Belgium (APB), Belgium