Individual FIP Digital Events

FIP offers a number of individual digital events on various topic within pharmacy practice, science and education.

Technology and new logistics – a disruption or a forced opportunity for community pharmacies

11 October 2021

New niche & digital actors as well as on-line pharmacies are entering the pharmacy market. Healthcare is becoming more and more digital, and the development is partly exponential, and partly driven by the consumers – as such there is a consumerism of healthcare. How will this affect the patients, the current pharmacy model & the healthcare systems?

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the changing landscape of healthcare and pharmacy
  • Identify how new actors use technology to transform pharmacy services
  • Understand how digital transformation and tools support new business models and services, as well as is shaping a new patient/consumer behaviour
  • Describe how FIPs PHC strategy and the DGs can be used to transform pharmacy practice
  • Define a strategy for transform pharmacy linked to the "new normal"


  • Lars-Åke Söderlund, President the FIP Community Pharmacy Section, Executive Advisor at Apoteket AB, Sweden
  • Jacqueline Surugue, FIP Vice President, FIP Technology Forum Chair, Hospital Pharmacist at a 1300 beds hospital, France 
  • Charlotte Rossing, Vice - Chair FIP SIG Pharmacy Practice Research, Director Research and Development, Pharmakon – Danish College of Pharmacy Practice, Denmark
  • Carl Schneider BN, Member of Technology Forum, Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice, The University of Sydney School of Pharmacy, Australia
  • Kenneth C Hohmeier, Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, University of Tennessee, Health Science Center, USA
  • Ardi Mirzaei, PhD student, The University of Sydney, School of Pharmacy, Australia
  • Catherine Duggan, FIP CEO, The Netherlands