Individual FIP Digital Events

FIP offers a number of individual digital events on various topic within pharmacy practice, science and education.

Trusted for health- Pharmacy, Medication Adherence & Communication

29 September 2021

Poor medication adherence has emerged as a major public health concern in the last decade, and pharmacists may play a vital role in medication adherence by implementing many of the solutions demonstrated at COVID-19.

FIP adapted the theme "Pharmacy: Always trusted for your health" for World Pharmacy Week; and expanding on that theme, FIP would like to welcome your attendance to this event. The event has been sponsored by an unrestricted educational grant by Pfizer.

The expected outcomes of the event are:
1 to discuss the role of pharmacists in medication adherence and communication.
2 to share some regional and global thoughts on the common communication gaps and challenges that are experienced in all patient facing sectors
3 to highlight various regional and global strengths, accomplishments, and success stories in terms of medication adherence and communication in pharmacy.