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FIP offers a number of individual digital events on various topic within pharmacy practice, science and education.

mRNA Technology for Vaccines & Therapeutics

29 September 2021

mRNA technology was used in developing the first ever COVID vaccine, developed by Pfizer / BioNtech. A number of vaccine or therapeutic products are in developing this technology. This webinare will address the following:

• What is mRNA? (structure and chemistry)
• How does it work in a cell (as either a therapeutic or vaccine)?
• How is it made and at what scale?
• How is it analyzed and characterized?
• By what means can it be delivered to the patient?
• What were the biggest challenges to get mRNA vaccines out to the public in 2020?
• What other notable clinical advances have been made for mRNA based medicines?
• What future directions do we see for mRNA as a therapeutic tool?


  • Mathew Cherian, ExCo Member, Industrial Pharmacy Section Consultant, USA


  • Michael McCaman PhD (U Cal at Davis), Managing Director, BDO USA
  • Seth Alexandert PhD (Yale), Associate Director, Resilience, USA