Individual FIP Digital Events

FIP offers a number of individual digital events on various topic within pharmacy practice, science and education.

Introducing the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and FIP Young Pharmacists’ Group (FIP YPG): A special event for pharmacists in Bahrain

15 September 2021

All three domains of pharmacy; science, education, and practice are crucial for pharmacists to solidify and expand their role in various health systems. As early-career pharmacists, we sometimes lack professional direction and well-defined opportunities in our profession. FIP is actively involved in all aspects of pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical science, and education, mostly via the work of member associations and committed volunteers.

The purpose of this webinar is to introduce early career pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists in Bahrain to the International Pharmaceutical Federation, the Young Pharmacy Group, and the FIP Development Goals.

Join us for an interactive session to discover more about how you, as a Bahraini pharmacist, can stand in solidarity with pharmacists all over the world to advance pharmacy. **The event is also open to pharmacy students.**

-Farah Aqqad, FIP Regional Engagement and Project Coordinator International Pharmaceutical Federation, Jordan
-Sherly Meilianti, FIP Data and Intelligence Specialist, International Pharmaceutical Federation, Indonesia

-Abrar Husaini, Volunteer Pharmacist Al Shamil Field Hospital, Bahrain

-Lucas Ercolin, FIP YPG Chairperson of Public Relations, PUI Health Project Manager, FIP Young Pharmacists Group (YPG), Première Urgence Internationale (PUI), Brazil
- Ikwaibom Umoiyoho, FIP YPG Chairperson of Projects, Hospital Pharmacist Zenith Medical and Kidney Center, Nigeria
- Dalia Bajis, FIP Lead for Provision and Partnerships, International Pharmaceutical Federation, Bahrain
- Lina Bader, FIP Lead for Workforce Transformation & Development, International Pharmaceutical Federation, Saudi Arabia
- Abrar Husaini, Volunteer Pharmacist, Al Shamil Field Hospital, Bahrain