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Accelerating selfcare to achieve Universal Health Coverage

6 October 2021

This event will ask how healthcare can be rebuilt amidst a global pandemic and focus on the important role that selfcare will play. It will also look at the enablers that will accelerate self-care through community pharmacy and how this builds towards Universal Health Coverage.

To identify mechanisms that will enable the acceleration of self-care to achieve UHC.

Learning objectives:
1. Discuss approaches to rebuilding healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic
2. List factors that enable self-care through community pharmacy;
3. Describe trends in self-care;
4. Explain how to integrate self-care as a building block to Universal Health Coverage.

Target audience: Healthcare professionals – particularly the pharmacy team, who support people to self-care.

Sham Moodley, Community pharmacist

- Jurate Svarcaite, Director General Association of the European Self-Care Industry
- Ruben Viegas, FIP Practice Development Projects Coordinator
- Padmaja Kamath, Director – Regulatory and Scientific Affairs, Global Self-care Federation