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A global view of pharmacists’ needs in humanitarian settings

10 May 2023

The Global Humanitarian Competency Framework (GbHCF) is a holistic developmental framework designed to be used for pharmacists working in the humanitarian arena internationally. The developmental framework has a clear link with the FIP Global Competency Framework (GbCF) embedding the same four clusters of competencies that are required for effective performance when working in a humanitarian arena. With a global perspective in mind, the framework ensures that an “adopt and adapt” approach for implementation can be consistently applied at global, regional, national and organisational levels.

- Rúben Viegas, Practice Development and Transformation Projects Coordinator FIP - The Netherlands
- Marwan Akel, Projects Manager Workforce development evidence & impact Journal Editor – Pharmacy Education Journal (PEJ) FIP - The Netherlands

- Nour ElTahla, Projects Coordinator – Equity, sustainability policy and development FIP - The Netherlands

- Ali Burak Salman, Membership Marketing Coordinator FIP - The Netherlands
- Rony Zeenny, Director, Department of Pharmacy American University of Beirut Medical Center INSPECT-LB  - Lebanon
- Tasnim Khan, Policy Officer The Pharmacists’ Defence Association - United Kingdom
- Catherine Duggan, Chief Executive Officer FIP - The Netherlands