Sore throat management in the community

Sore throat is generally a self-limiting condition that usually has no significant long-term harmful effects on health. It consists of a painful, dry or scratchy feeling in the throat. Pharmacists play an important role in supporting self-care in cases of sore throat and can thus avoid patients’ unnecessary use of other healthcare resources and the unwarranted use of antimicrobials. This series includes six videos on different aspects of sore throat management, from causes and symptoms, to triage and pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment options.

Pharmacological treatment approaches

This video summarises the main pharmacological treatment approaches for sore throat, focusing on an overview of the different preparations pharmacists can recommend when advising on sore throat management

22 November 2022

Speaker: Sarah Dineen-Griffin, FIP CPS ExCo member, Australia


Sarah Dineen-Griffin is a lecturer in health services management and leadership at Charles Sturt University, Australia. She holds a doctor of philosophy degree, a graduate certificate in pharmacy practice, a master of pharmacy degree (with distinction) and bachelor of biomedical science degree. She completed her PhD in pharmacy practice focusing on consumer self-care and the co-design, evaluation and implementation of community pharmacy services. Dr Dineen-Griffin has been a research investigator on national and international pharmacy projects. At an international level, she holds a number of leadership roles. She is an editorial board member for the Pharmacy Practice joucrnal, vice hair of FIP’s New Generation of Pharmaceutical Scientists Group and is FIP’s YPG Community Pharmacy Section liaison. At a national level, she is an active member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s New South Wales branch committee, chair of the NSW Early Career Pharmacist Group, and a member of the National Self-Care Policy Advisory Group (2020). Dr Dineen-Griffin was recently named the NSW Early Career Pharmacist of the Year (2021), winner of the Sirianni Scholarship for Future Pharmacist Leaders (2020) and FIP’s Community Pharmacy Champion for Change (2020).