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FIP Hospital Pharmacy Section Strategy Update

23 May 2022

The FIP Hospital Pharmacy Section (HPS) has set out to develop its strategy for the next 5 years. In early 2022, the FIP HPS developed a survey to identify how the FIP HPS can assist FIP Vision/Mission and FIP Development Goals. This survey was sent to FIP Hospital Pharmacy Executive Committee members, Chairs of Committees/Observers, Past Executive Committee members, Hospital Pharmacy Member organisations and regional forums. Results of the survey will be presented with a discussion on the FIP HPS strategy.

Learning objectives:
- To know the results of the FIP HPS strategy survey
- To identify priorities areas for the FIP HPS over the next 5 years
- To participate in the future direction of the FIP HPS

-Jonathan Penm, Secretary, FIP Hospital Pharmacy Section, Senior Lecturer The University of Sydney- Australia

-Robert Moss, President, FIP Hospital Pharmacy Section- the Netherlands