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Sustainable and equitable access to vaccines: Establishing priorities and setting policies in the African region

4 November 2021

In the final sixth of six regions we dissect, event 11 focuses on the regional needs and drivers for transforming vaccination in the African region. This involves identifying priorities in the region’s countries with regards equity and access to vaccinations. We also discuss barriers and challenges and regional needs in relation to policy setting. FIP members, stakeholders and partners from the African region join us for a true regional perspective.

About the programme – FIP’s 2021 digital programme to Transform Vaccination Globally, Regionally, & Nationally comprises 2 series, totaling 12 events running between June and November.

Building on the outcomes of the 2020 programme, the 2021 FIP digital programme focuses on supporting FIP members in accelerating equity, access and sustainability of vaccinations through policy development and implementation.

The event will be moderated by:
- Dr. Prosper Hiag – President of the African Pharmaceutical Forum (APF)
- Mrs. Jacqueline Surugue – Chair of the FIP Technology Forum and Hospital Practicioner and Pharmacist, France
The speakers at the event are:
- Dr. Daniella Munene – CEO of the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya
- Dr. Samuel Adekola – Community Pharmacist at His Grace KSP Pharmacy Group and Immediate Past National Chairman of Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria
- Dr. Redouane Soualmi - Vice president of international relations of Algerian Pharmaceutical Federation FAP
- Dr. Mariet Eksteen - Professional Development and Support at the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa