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Regional needs and drivers for transforming vaccination: Western Pacific

A webinar organised by: Vaccination
8 December 2020

In the fourth of six regions we dissect, event 3.4 focuses on the regional needs and drivers for transforming vaccination in the Western Pacific. This involves discussing the progress made in Western Pacific countries with regards to pharmacist vaccination, the quality and universal access to vaccinations. We also discuss barriers and challenges and regional needs for future transformation. FIP members, stakeholders and partners from the Western Pacific join us for a true regional perspective.

To understand the Western Pacific perspective in delivering on the Transformation of Vaccination Globally and Regionally

John Jackson, President, Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum – Australia
Parisa Aslani, Vice-President, International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) – Australia

Gonçalo Sousa Pinto, Lead for Practice Development and Transformation, International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)

Gilda Sebua-Saljay, President, Philippine Pharmacists Association – Philippine
Peter Guthrey, Senior Pharmacist- Strategic Policy, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia – Australia
Scarlett Pong, President, The Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong (PSHK) – Hong Kong