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The FIP CEO Interviews... Carmen Peña

How COVID-19 has magnified issues of inequity and inequality is discussed in the latest episode of “The FIP CEO Interviews . . .”. Catherine Duggan speaks to FIP’s immediate past president Carmen Peña.

A webinar organised by: FIP CEO interviews . . .
7 July 2020

•Doctor in Pharmacy, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

•Community pharmacist

•General Secretary of Spanish Consejo General of Pharmacists (1997-2009)

•President of Spanish Consejo General of Pharmacists (2009-2015)

•Vice president of FIP (2006-2014)

•President of FIP (2014-2018)

•Grand Cross of the Civil Order of Health of Spain, 2015

•APSTJ Woman Scientist, The Academy of Pharmaceutical Scientist of Japan, 2015

•Encomienda / Medal of Pharmaceutical Merit of the Brazilian Federal Council of Pharmacists, 2010

•Academic of the Royal Academy of Pharmacy of Spain, Academic of the Ibero-American Academy of Pharmacy and Honorary Academic of the Medical-Surgical Academy of Spain

•Other recognitions and honors of Spain and other countries of the world.