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Communicating vaccine safety, building vaccine confidence

A webinar organised by: Vaccination
27 November 2020

This event will discuss how the quality, efficacy and safety of vaccines are built into their development and manufacturing processes, including the clinical research they undergo and the strict regulatory assessment that precedes their marketing authorization. In addition, speakers will discuss how to make such processes understood and well-known by the public in a transparent and clear manner, in order to build confidence in vaccines and address the grave problem of vaccine hesitancy and anti-vaccines movements, i.e., the refusal to get vaccinated despite the availability of vaccines.

Learning Objectives:
After this webinar the participants should have a better understanding of the following topics:
1. Vaccine quality and safety assurance.
2. Vaccine hesitancy and how to address it through transparent and evidence-based arguments, and positive examples of the value of vaccines.
3. The role of pharmacists in building vaccine confidence.

Programme: Communicating vaccine safety, building vaccine confidence
- Giovanni Pauletti, FIP’s Scientific Secretary
Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical & Administrative Sciences, St. Louis College of Pharmacy - USA

- Alberta Di Pasquale, Director, Global Medical Affairs Vaccine Science and Medical Education Lead, GSK - Belgium
- Rosario Cáceres, Community pharmacist, vaccines expert and vaccine confidence advocate, Royal Pharmaceutical College of Seville and Andalusian Council of Pharmacists – Spain