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Vaccination from specialist practice to every day practice: FIP DG 4 Advanced & Specialist Development

A webinar organised by: Vaccination
28 October 2020

In this episode – “Vaccination: From Specialist Practice to Everyday Practice” – is an interview format that focuses on the FIP Development Goal 4: Advanced & Specialist Development from the perspective of vaccination by a pharmacist. We discuss the process required to take vaccination by pharmacists from a specialized field that few pharmacists deliver in some jurisdictions, to a standard part of pharmacists’ care in all settings and locations.

Power Point slides

Arit Udoh, Clinical Project Manager University of Birmingham-United Kingdom
Desak Ketut Ernawati, Academic and Researcher Faculty of Medicine Universitas Udayana-Indonesia

1. Hanne Merete Andresen, Director Pharmaceutical Affairs Norwegian Pharmacy Association - Norway
2. Andi Shirtcliffe, Clinical Chief Advisor – Pharmacy, Quality Use of Medicines, Allied Health Ministry of Health - New Zealand
3. Greg Eberhart, Registrar Alberta College of Pharmacy-Canada
4. Jorge Batista, International Affairs Lead Portuguese Pharmaceutical Society - Portugal