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The launch of the GbCF Handbook

24 May 2023

The FIP Global Competency Framework (GbCF) was first developed in 2012 (Version 1) and it contained a structured assembly of behavioural competencies that can contribute towards supporting foundation level practitioner development. In September 2020, revisions to the GbCF were completed and the updated version labelled as GbCF Version 2 (GbCFv2).
This Event will present GbCFv2 and case studies from different countries on its implementation.

- Lina Bader, FIP Lead for Equity, Sustainability Policy and Development - The Netherlands
- Dalia Bajis , FIP Lead for Provision and Partnerships FIP - The Netherlands

- Asmaa Al-Haqan, Clinical Lecturer Kuwait University - Kuwait
- Sherry Nasralla, Lecturer University of Bahrain - Kingdom of Bahrain
- Huda Jawad, Assistant Professor University of Bahrai - Kingdom of Bahrain
- Ayodeji Matuluko, FIP Early Career Pharmaceutical Group - United Kingdom
- Aline HAJJ, Associate Professor Laval University (Canada) & Saint-Joseph University (Lebanon) - Canada/Lebanon
- Naoko Arakawa, Assistant Professor in International Pharmacy University of Nottingham - UK
- Jayanthi Srinivas Kotian, Lecturer University Of Bahrain - Kingdom of Bahrain
- Franciscus Kristianto, Lecturer University of Surabaya, Indonesia/ Indonesian Pharmacists Association (IPA) - Indonesia
- Yosef Wijoyo, Lecturer Sanata Dharma University - Indonesia
- Shepard Nqobile Mhlaba, Assistant Director DATIS - Zimbabwe
- Ian Bates, Chair of pharmacy education University College London - UK