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Enabling life-course immunisation through pharmacy-based vaccination: Regulations and prescribing

18 January 2023

FIP is committed to supporting countries to develop policies that enable pharmacies and pharmacists to deliver integrated vaccination services throughout the life-course and as part of wider national immunisation policies. This event is delivered as part of a new FIP programme supported by Pfizer, which aims to provide our members with approaches and tools for tackling key policy enablers that determine equity, access and sustainability of pharmacy-based life-course immunisation.

Regulations of pharmacy practice is a critical determinant of pharmacists’ authority to administer and/or prescribe vaccines. FIP data shows that regulations on pharmacy-based vaccination vary widely across countries and regions. Understanding the different models and country experiences is key to wider implementation. This event will feature a number of pharmacy leadership bodies describing how pharmacy-based vaccination, including prescribing, is regulated in their countries.

- Jaime Acosta, FIP-CPS Professional Secretary Community, Pharmacist Farmacia Acosta, Spain

- Hanne Andresen, Director Pharmaceutical Affairs Norwegian Pharmacy Association, Norway
- Fei Sim, National President Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Australia
- Luna Bizri, Founder and manager of community pharmacy; Clinical Assistant professor; Adjunct faculty member Lunapharm pharmacy; Lebanese International University; Lebanese American University, Lebanon
- Joyce Mariama Kallon, Team Lead for the supply Chain and logistics vaccine unit Immunisation unit, Sierra Leone