Sore throat management in the community

Sore throat is generally a self-limiting condition that usually has no significant long-term harmful effects on health. It consists of a painful, dry or scratchy feeling in the throat. Pharmacists play an important role in supporting self-care in cases of sore throat and can thus avoid patients’ unnecessary use of other healthcare resources and the unwarranted use of antimicrobials. This series includes six videos on different aspects of sore throat management, from causes and symptoms, to triage and pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment options.

Non-pharmacological treatment approaches

This video focuses on non-pharmacological approaches to sore throat management and presents some tips for pharmacists to support self-care in this area.

22 November 2022

Speaker: Jaime Acosta, Community pharmacist, Farmacia Acosta, Spain


As an experienced community pharmacist, Jaime Acosta has played a significant role over many years on different levels representing community pharmacy. He has a strong passion for the future of pharmacy and a deep understanding of the community pharmacy environment and healthcare's new and changing needs.