Shaping the future of self-care through pharmacy

“Shaping the future of self-care through pharmacy” programme

Health and self-care literacy for the management of minor ailments in the pharmacy 

Empowering patient self-care improves health outcomes and reduces the burden of diseases. Improving health and self-care literacy is key to empowering pharmacy-based self-care. This is especially important when it comes to the management of minor ailments through pharmacy. Consisting of a series of five events focusing on common health issues, this new FIP digital programme aims to examine how pharmacists can be enabled to improve health and self-care literacy. Approaches for each of the five areas of minor ailments will be discussed including embedding health and self-care literacy into education and training, developing self-diagnosis and self-medication protocols, widening access to patient information, and improving referral strategies. 

Supporting self-care: Women's health

9 September 2021

Pharmacy teams are increasingly supporting patients with self-care. This webinar will focus particularly on appropriate management of choices of medicines and products to support women’s health, and the role of the pharmacist. A case study will be presented and the event will conclude with a panel discussion.

To identify how the community pharmacy team can support self-care for women with common health problems.

Learning objectives:
1. Increase awareness of women’s health issues, how common they are, what impacts they have and how they can be managed;
2. Learn how to support women with their common health issues across their life course; and
3. Discuss appropriate management in the choice of medicines and products.

- Ema Paulino, FIP Professional Secretary, General Manager Ezfy, Portugal
- Nsovo Mayimele, Pharmacist Freelance, South Africa
- Gayle Anderson, Advanced Pharmacist Practitioner (Women's Health) Dr Gray's Hospital, Scotland, UK
- Safeera Hussainy, Adjunct Senior Lecturer Department of General Practice, Monash University, Australia