Shaping the future of self-care through pharmacy

“Shaping the future of self-care through pharmacy” programme

Health and self-care literacy for the management of minor ailments in the pharmacy 

Empowering patient self-care improves health outcomes and reduces the burden of diseases. Improving health and self-care literacy is key to empowering pharmacy-based self-care. This is especially important when it comes to the management of minor ailments through pharmacy. Consisting of a series of five events focusing on common health issues, this new FIP digital programme aims to examine how pharmacists can be enabled to improve health and self-care literacy. Approaches for each of the five areas of minor ailments will be discussed including embedding health and self-care literacy into education and training, developing self-diagnosis and self-medication protocols, widening access to patient information, and improving referral strategies. 

Supporting self-care: Footcare in diabetes management

28 July 2021

Diabetic foot is a devasting complication of diabetes that can lead to loss of a limb and life. It has a complex pathology characterised by neuropathy, ischaemia and slow healing. Often the resulting loss in feeling leaves patients unable to sense the damage to their feet. 451 Million suffer with diabetes worldwide, 1 in 10 will get a foot ulcer, 80% go to have an amputation, 8 out of 10 amputations can be prevented by intervention.

Aim: is to strengthen the link of Foot Health and Diabetes and to create an interest and commitment to regular foot care for every diabetic prescription dispensed to the patient.

Target audience: Healthcare professionals – particularly the pharmacy team, who support people to self-care.

Learning Objectives:

  • To describe how the pharmacy team can support self-care of feet for people with diabetes;
  • Identify and educate pharmacists on regular foot checks and foot care routines 3.Discuss approaches on empowering people and pharmacists on what to ask the people with diabetes, when to refer to a specialist or GP and what to recommend as a treatment.


  • Welcome (5 minutes) – Raj Vaidya, Moderator
  • Supporting people with diabetes to look after their feet – pathology and common conditions (20 minutes) – Maria Mendes, National Association of Pharmacies (ANF) TBC
  • The potential role of the Pharmacists in footcare of people with diabetes – footchecks and footcare routines (20 minutes) – Astrid Czock, Qualiccare
  • Case study: footcare in diabetes management (20 minutes) – Luna El Bizri, Lunapharm Pharmacy
  • Panel discussion – questions and answers (20 minutes) – Panel + Moderator
  • Summary and close (5 minutes)- Raj Vaidya, Moderator