Shaping the future of self-care through pharmacy

“Shaping the future of self-care through pharmacy” programme

Health and self-care literacy for the management of minor ailments in the pharmacy 

Empowering patient self-care improves health outcomes and reduces the burden of diseases. Improving health and self-care literacy is key to empowering pharmacy-based self-care. This is especially important when it comes to the management of minor ailments through pharmacy. Consisting of a series of five events focusing on common health issues, this new FIP digital programme aims to examine how pharmacists can be enabled to improve health and self-care literacy. Approaches for each of the five areas of minor ailments will be discussed including embedding health and self-care literacy into education and training, developing self-diagnosis and self-medication protocols, widening access to patient information, and improving referral strategies. 

Empowering early career pharmacists: Self-care interventions in common gastrointestinal and respiratory symptoms for enhanced patient care

30 August 2023

According to WHO, individuals spend less than 1h a year with a health worker versus over 8700h a year in self-care. Self-care interventions promote individuals’ active participation in their own healthcare. To support them on this journey, pharmacists are equipped with knowledge and skills to better their self-determination, self-efficacy, autonomy, and engagement in health.

This digital event is designed as a collection of three CPB Bites to equip early career pharmacists with essential self-care knowledge in the context of reflux management, irritable bowel syndrome, and respiratory symptoms (including sore throat). Issues around gender biases in patient interactions and during treatment will be highlighted.

- Sham Moodley, Community Pharmacist Vice Chair Independent Community Pharmacy Assoc NEC on Pharmaceutical Society of SA - South Africa

- Gonzalo Miquel Adsuar-Meseguer, Community Pharmacist in Rojales, Alicante, FIP ECPG, Spanish Society of Clinical, Familiar and Pharmacy (SEFAC) - Spain

- Veronica Kihugi, Pharmacist Anaya Pharmaceuticals - Kenya
- Anja St. Clair Jones, Consultant Pharmacist Gastroenterology University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust - United Kingdom
- Leonila Ocampo, President Asia Pacific Institute for Medication Management (APIMM) - Philippines

- Alison Etukakpan, Educational partnerships and projects manager - FIP
- Genuine A. Desireh, Pharmacist FIP - Kenya