FIP Young Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical scientists

“Professional development for early career pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists” programme

Young pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists play a key role in the pharmacy space. This group of enthusiastic young professionals are eager to learn and sometimes may be faced with challenges of choosing the right career path that suits their needs or having access to the right professionals to guide them as they progress in their careers. This year, one of our core priorities is capacity building and these digital events aim to the young professionals just the right tools and information to ensure career satisfaction and progression.

Effectively developing transferable skills and the positive impact of training and certification in career progression

A webinar organised by:
19 July 2021

Early career Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists have to uphold professionalism by participating in sessions and workshops that offer training/certification. This webinar seeks to enlighten young pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists on ways to develop their skills and participate in trainings that offer certification for their chosen career paths.