Food for thought: Pharmacists’ role in healthy nutrition

People-centered care in pharmacy goes beyond medicines use and pharmacists have an important role in promoting well-being and healthy living, especially through nutrition. FIP is delivering a new three-event mini-series, continued under the theme “Food for thought”. The three webinars begin with an event on the basics of nutrition and nutrition services in pharmacy, expanding from the 2021 FIP report “Nutrition and weight management services: A toolkit for pharmacists”. The second event will examine how nutrition impacts immunity and its importance in supporting a strong and responsive immune system. The series will conclude with a focus on the interlinks between nutrition and heart health, and its role in the prevention and management of cardiovascular diseases. The webinars are supported by Haleon and will be available for free. 

The toolkit “Nutrition and weight management services: A toolkit for pharmacists” was launched in 2021 with the aim to equip pharmacists with knowledge in general nutrition and general weight management strategies so they can play an increased role in the communities they serve and support other healthcare providers involved in their patients’ care, including general and specialist physicians, nurses, dieticians, nutritionists, dentists etc. This toolkit also aims to enable pharmacists to be proactive in facilitating discussions about nutrition and physical activity with their patients. Pharmacists across the world are already taking steps to promote healthy lifestyles among their patients through a variety of innovative initiatives, ranging from educational campaigns to more direct patient counselling strategies and programmes. You can access the toolkit here.”

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