Digital health: Innovating pharmacy for the future

“Digital health: Innovating pharmacy for the future” programme

Recent digital solutions have revolutionised clinical practice through all stages of health service delivery —  from prevention to diagnosis, disease management and monitoring. Pharmacists must keep abreast of all these emerging advances to which immense capabilities will reshape healthcare worldwide. These events will showcase how a confident, capable, agile, and digitally enabled pharmaceutical workforce can be developed through education, as well as how it can leverage the potential of digital health into a sustainable pharmacy ecosystem and tackle the challenges to usher pharmacy into its digital future.

Distribution of medicines and promotion of responsible self-care: Channels, changes and challenges

A webinar organised by:
22 June 2021

This webinar will present selected findings from a recent FIP survey on the regulation of the distribution of medicines and pharmacists’ role in supporting responsible self-care. It will also focus on the role of pharmacies in relation to the use of generics, as well as alternative and complementary medicines.

Learning objectives:
1: Awareness of the importance of the community pharmacists’ role in self-care
2: Identify key aspects of the pharmacist’s action in empowering patients for self care
3: Demonstrate possible positions of the pharmacist in the recommendation of alternative and complementary medicines

- Ronald Guse, Chair, FIP Regulators Forum- USA/Canada

- Rúben Viegas, FIP Practice Development Projects Coordinator - Spain

- Gonçalo Sousa Pinto, FIP Lead for Practice Development and Transformation - Spain
- Sarah Dineen-Griffin, Lecturer in health services management and leadership, Charles Sturt University - Australia
- Magaly Rodríguez de Bittner, PharmD, FAPhA, FNAP, Associate Dean of Clinical Services and Practice Transformation and Vice-President Forum of the Americas, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - USA
- Benjamin K. Botwe, President, Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana - Ghana