FIP COVID-19 Online Programme

“Collaborating through the pandemic” working and learning together

In 2021, in our continued response to the COVID-19 global health crisis, FIP has launched a global digital events programme titled: “Collaborating through the pandemic- working & learning together”.
The programme will showcase a number of virtual events – e.g. webinars- under various and relevant topics to the pandemic and the pharmacy profession.
A special weekly programme will be delivered throughout the year, starting April 2021.  
This programme is open-access to all (upon registration) and targets all members of the pharmaceutical workforce from around the world.

Addressing inequities in pharmacy education due to COVID-19 – Learnings from Africa, Asia and Latin America

Moderator: Ralph Altiere. Facilitator: Nilhan Uzman. Panellists: Bhojraj Suresh, Derick Munkombwe, Alison Williams, Patricia Acuna-Johnson, Nguyen Van Hung and Jennie Lates.

A webinar organised by: COVID-19
5 August 2020