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‘How can digital health support national pharmaceutical care delivery?’ A regional and global assessment of priorities and challenges in the Americas region

8 September 2022

Substandard and falsified medicines, along with a lack of adherence to medication regimens, pose a threat to public health worldwide. It is possible to deliver pharmaceutical care services that address these challenges using digital healthcare techniques and approaches. Globally, digital health faces many challenges and concerns, despite its potential to impact pharmaceutical care.

FIP and the Global Pharmaceutical Observatory are launching a new needs assessment programme entitled "How can digital health support national pharmaceutical care delivery? A regional and global assessment of priorities and challenges", with an emphasis on medication adherence and fighting SF medicines.

This regional and global needs assessment programme will include a series of six regional events, culminating in a private global roundtable and a summary report.

In this regional event we will facilitate a regional discussion about ongoing digital health interventions or solutions that detect, report, and act against false or substandard medicines, and how to facilitate patient adherence, as well as the challenges leadership bodies and nations face in implementing digital health solutions in pharmaceutical care delivery in the Americas.

- Magaly Rodrigu, Vice president Pharmaceutical Forum of the Americas, USA

- Patricia Klahn Acuña, Clinical Pharmacist- Hospital Carlos Van Buren, Chile
- Ilisa Bernstein, Interim Executive Vice President and CEO American Pharmacists Association, USA
- Natalia Sancho-Vargas, Colegio de Farmacéuticos de Costa Rica, Costa Rica
- Leticia Caligaris, Uruguay
- Catalina Cano Abásolo, Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Policies and Regulations, Health Providers and Complementary Medicines.
Division of Healthy Public Policies and Promotion Assistant Secretary of Public Health, Ministry of Health, Chile
- Timothy Aungst, Associate Professor. Freelance Writer and Consultant The Digital Apothecary, USA