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Ensuring quality of care and patient safety through continuing professional development

31 May 2022

In order to ensure pharmacists maintain currency and quality in their practice, mandatory continuing professional development (CPD) programmes have been implemented by regulatory authorities as part of the licence renewal requirements for continuing practice. This webinar will provide information on the countries having a mandatory CPD programme, the various types of programmes, the regulations and the overall value and monitoring. In addition, information will be provided on CPD for specialized areas of practice, as part of returning to practice and some new concepts to insure currency and quality.

The attendees will learn:
-the overall importance of a mandated CPD programme from a quality assurance and patient safety perspective ;
-the variations of CPD programmes currently in place in various countries;
-the legislation/regulations in place mandating a CPD programme to maintain currency and enhance competence, quality assurance and patient safety;  
-recertification programs for "specialization" and "return to practice"; and,
-other innovative way to insure quality and currency of pharmacists.

- Brett Simmonds, Chair Pharmacy Board of Australia, Australia

- Carine Wolf-Thal, Chair of the National Council of the French Chamber of Pharmacists, France
- Michael Pead, Chief Executive Pharmacy Council of New Zealand, New Zealand
- Trish Farrelly, Manager Registration and Competence Assurance, Pharmacy Council of New Zealand, New Zealand
- Joe R. Anderson, Assistant Dean for Curricular Affairs and Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences, The University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy, USA