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Uncovering our implicit biases to advance patient care: An introduction for pharmacists

17 November 2021

Despite all good intentions, all humans carry unconscious biases. How do these impact our ability to provide culturally appropriate care to our patients? This interactive session is meant to target all pharmacists and educators in practice to promote understanding on the influence of unconscious bias on health disparities, like COVID-19. Specifically, experts will share the neuroscience of how implicit bias, strategies to disrupt bias, and address how bias can influence our patient care interactions.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:
1. Define implicit bias and its impact on health disparities.
2. Discuss the impact of unconscious bias and how it affects our relationships with patients, students, and colleagues.
3. Identify and reflect on own biases.
4. List strategies to mitigate unconscious bias in pharmacy practice to improve patient-centred care.

- Mohamed Amin, Associate Professor, Beirut Arab University, Lebanon

- Dalia Bajis, FIP lead for Provision and Partnerships, FIP, Bahrain

- Sally Arif, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice/ Clinical Pharmacist, Midwestern University College of Pharmacy/ Rush University Medical Center, USA