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Joining forces across civil society organisations towards improved vaccination coverage

21 October 2021

Vaccination coverage rates for several diseases are suboptimal and remain below WHO targets in many countries of all income levels. For FIP, it is essential to engage with civil society organisations representing different constituencies – from patient advocacy groups to older adult organisations and to vaccination advocates – to discuss and outline synergistic and complementary advocacy actions for broader access and convenience of vaccination services through a diversity of providers and pathways. This event will gather different civil society organisations to express their concerns, best practices and expectations, namely with regards to the role of pharmacists, for improving vaccination coverage, and to identify potential alignments in advocacy strategies.

Learning objectives:
1. Understand the role of the various civil society organisations in contributing to increased vaccination coverage.
2. Explore drivers and barriers to diversifying vaccination pathways and providers, allowing for better access to vaccination services.
3. Discuss possible actions and synergies by the different stakeholders in addressing vaccine hesitancy and complacency.

- Catherine Duggan, CEO, FIP

- Jane Barratt , Secretary General, International Federation on Ageing
- Mariano Votta, Director, Active Citizenship Network
- Iryna Vlasenko, Vice president, International Diabetes Federation
- Siân Williams, CEO, International Primary Care Respiratory Group
- Gary Finnegan, Editor, Vaccines Today