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The role of the pharmacist in the prevention and management of vector-borne diseases: European region

A webinar organised by:
22 September 2021

Pharmacists are uniquely positioned to help communities and patients protect themselves from vector-borne diseases (VBDs). This webinar will describe the most prevalent VBDs in the European region and identify the most relevant roles that pharmacists can play in their prevention (including vector-control strategies and other measures), management and optimal treatment.

Learning objectives:
1. Describe the characteristics and epidemiology of the main VBDs in the European region;
2. Determine the roles that pharmacists can play in the prevention, detection, control and management of pharmacotherapy of VBDs; and
3. Identify the experiences developed by countries in Europe to support the actions of pharmacists in the fight against VBDs.

- Sari Westermarck, Community pharmacist, Finland

- Elkhan Gasimov, Technical Officer, Malaria, Neglected Tropical Diseases and other Vector-borne Diseases, World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe, Division of Country Health Programmes, Denmark

- Maria Dolores Bargues, Professor of Parasitology, University of Valencia and President of the Spanish Society of Tropical Medicine and International Health, University of Valencia, Spain

- Pınar Erkekoğlu, Head of Department of Toxicology, Hacettepe University Faculty of Pharmacy Department of Toxicology, Turkey

- Venelin Sapunarov, Chairman of the Board of the Regional Pharmaceutical College of Sofia, Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union, Bulgaria