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Accelerating AMR action through antimicrobial stewardship in the African region

25 November 2021

In 2020, Reckitt and the Global Respiratory Infection Partnership (GRIP) partnered with FIP to host a series of events combining efforts with the ambition of “Driving AMR action in a new decade”. One global event and six regional workshops were held, with over 4,000 participants engaging in collaborative efforts to identify and implement region-specific initiatives to mitigate AMR. The success of this partnership culminated in the FIP Regional AMR Roadmaps which identified regional initiatives to drive behaviour change and aid in the global fight against AMR.

This year GRIP, FIP and Reckitt continue to share this global commitment as we partner to bring you a series of events aimed at further driving a collaborative approach to AMR mitigation for pharmacy. Co-chaired by regional representatives from FIP and GRIP, we will aim to showcase the progress in the AMR Roadmap made in the African Region over the past 12 months.

- Sabiha Essack
- Mirfin Mpundu

Welcome and Objectives:
- Introducing regional leads and recap of ambitions of the Pharmacy AMR Roadmap

Panel Discussion:
- ‘AMR Stewardship in Action’
Regional leads to moderate a panel discussion on a total of 3 good and bad practice case studies from submissions and/or initiatives they have identified. Where possible, those involved in good practice initiatives will be invited to join the panel discussion.

- Audience can interact with good practice initiatives, ‘accelerating’ the idea in their country by making a commitment to adopt or support the initiative.

Thank you and close:
- The AMR accelerator idea with the most traction is presented during the global session.