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Pharmacy-based anticoagulation management

13 October 2021

Anticoagulant therapy requires appropriate monitoring and management to ensure safety and effectiveness of the treatment, avoid complications and to achieve optimal clinical outcomes. Pharmacists can play an important role in anticoagulation therapy management through their expert knowledge of medicines. This role also includes the provision of patient education, identification of drug interactions, monitoring for dose appropriateness and checking for adverse effects. This webinar will explore the various roles that pharmacists can play in providing anticoagulation management services.

At the end of this webinar, participants will:
1. Identify the different issues impacting anticoagulation management
2. Recognize the crucial role of pharmacists in enhancing the management of anticoagulation
3. Explain the role technology can play in supporting anticoagulation management
4. Describe the barriers and opportunities for pharmacists in leading anticoagulation management services

Carlos Lacava Fernández, Vice President of FIP, Uruguay

-Sahimi Mohamed, Clinical Pharmacist Hospital Serdang, Ministry of Health, Malaysia
-Nida Najmi, Founder of Online Anticoagulation
Management Services & Mahir-e-Adviyat, Pakistan
-Rose Anne, Coordinator, Anticoagulation Stewardship Program, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Health System (UW Health), Madison, Wisconsin, USA