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Understanding and managing headaches in the community: Therapeutic approaches and advancements in the African region

13 September 2021

Pain is a common symptom of a range of conditions or situations, and can manifest and be experienced with different intensities, from mild discomfort to highly incapacitating. A particular type of pain that often leads to consultations to pharmacists and the use of self-care medicines is headache. Relieving headaches and regaining mental clarity are important for patient wellbeing and productivity, and pharmacists can play a role in advising on the most appropriate strategies and therapeutic approaches that are suitable for each patient.

Learning objectives:
1. Provide insights of the therapeutic approaches and advancements used in the management of headaches.
2. Understand the role of non-prescription medicine as a tool in headache self-care
3. Identify the role of pharmacists in supporting the self-care of headache, through a regional lens.

- Prosper Hiag, Member of the Council of the FIPm President African Pharmaceutical Forum (APF), Cameroon
-Takuya Kumamoto, Professor Chair, FIP Special Interest Group on New Medicines, Hiroshima, Japan
- Luminita Constantin, Global Medical Lead CHC Pain
Sanofi, France
- Peter Goadsby, Director of NIHR Clinical Research Facility & Professor of Neurology King’s College (UK), United Kingdom
- Machi Hampango, Head Of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Nutrition and Dietetics, Lusaka Apex Medical University, Zambia