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Outdoor and indoor air pollution: short- and long-term impacts on health

15 June 2021

Air pollution needs to be addressed urgently and not only as an environmental and ecological threat, but also as a direct threat to health. This webinar will describe the multiple ways in which air pollution can be harmful to health. Understanding such impacts is essential so that professional services and interventions by pharmacists can be developed to address this global threat.

Learning objectives:
- Identify the various ways that outdoor and indoor air pollution impacts on human health
- Understand the short-term and long-term impact of air pollution on health
- Illustrate how air pollution might change the type of professional services offered by pharmacists
- Describe the different roles pharmacists can play in addressing air pollution

Prof. Rula Darwish, University of Jordan - Jordan

Prof. Gary WK Wong, Professor and honorary consultant, Department of Paediatrics Chinese University of Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Prof. Fan Chung, Professor of Respiratory Medicine, National Heart & Lung Institute, Imperial College - UK