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Drugs to tackle a pandemic – something old and something new

3 June 2021

During the COVID-19 pandemic the scientific community has united in the common strive to find the facts needed to fight the virus. Early in the pandemic there was a great push towards drug repurposing to find ways of treating those affected by the virus. Lately we have seen great advancements with vaccines helping to prevent the development of severe effects. In this webinar we will see two case studies: the repurposing of remdesivir and the development of an mRNA-based vaccine.

learning objectives:
In this webinar the participants will:
1. gain a better understanding of repurposing of remdesivir and the effectiveness of this treatment
2. learn about the development of mRNA vaccines utilized to prevent COVID
3. receive a greater understanding of how mRNA treatments can be applied to other diseases

Professor Ross McKinnon, Beat Cancer Professorial Chair in the College of Medicine and Public Health, Flinders University Australia

Dr. Rebecka Isaksson, Postdoctoral Research Associate, UCL Department of Chemistry, United Kingdom
PharmD Sunish Shah, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist (infectious diseases), University of Pittsburgh Medical Center,
Interim Clinical Coordinator (antimicrobial stewardship), Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Adjunct Professor, University of St. Joseph College of Pharmacy, US/India
Professor Colin Pouton, Professor of Pharmaceutical Biology, Monash University Australia