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Virtual delivery in class: Spicing up lectures in an online environment and maintaining the quality and standards as an academic pharmacy leader

5 May 2021

COVID-19 has not only changed our daily routines, it also changed the traditional education system into distance learning or hybrid model. And convening classes with live and pre-recorded lessons challenged the pharmacy academics to innovate methods to engage their students in active online learning. This webinar will focus on pharmacy schools and accreditation bodies’ roles to make online learning creative and effective for students. Immersing pharmacy students in research, and meeting pharmacy students’ needs in an online environment will be addressed by the experts in their fields. Also, pharmacy students will discover enrichened ways to adjust and foster their education in online/virtual delivery.
Learning objectives:
1. To explore the roles of accreditation bodies in the quality of pharmacy programmes and transition to online
2. To determine the roles of schools of pharmacy in maintaining quality of programmes including skills development and experiential learning (especially when transitioning to online/virtual learning)
3. To describe the skills that professors/teachers must adopt/adapt to maintain quality of programmes (especially online/virtual versions)
4. To discuss how learners should adapt their learning to maintain their quality of learning during online/virtual delivery

- Carlo Marra, Dean School of Pharmacy University of Otago - New Zealand
- Naoko Arakawa, Assistant Professor in International Pharmacy University of Nottingham- UK
- Vibhu Solanki, Associate Professor of Community Pharmacy and Digital Education University of Nottingham - UK
- Janet P. Engle, Executive Director Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education- USA
- Ilkay Erdogan Orhan, Dean Gazi University, Faculty of Pharmacy - Turkey
- Yahya Choonara, Professor University of Witwatersrand - South Africa