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Supporting self-care: sexual health

20 January 2022

Pharmacy teams are increasingly providing services that support people to self-care with their sexual health. This webinar will focus particularly on advice, screening and testing, as well as appropriate management of choices of medicines and products to support sexual health. A case study will be presented and the event will conclude with a panel discussion.

To identify how the community pharmacy team can provide support to people to self-care with their sexual health.

Learning objectives:
1. Increase awareness of sexual health issues, how common they are, what impacts they have and how they can be managed;
2. Learn how to support people with their sexual health;
3. Discuss appropriate management in the choice of medicines and products for the self-care of sexual health.
4. Describe the role that pharmacist and their team can play in screening, testing, advising and educating people sexual health and how they can self-care.

- Leonila Ocampo, Member of the FIP Community Pharmacy Section; President, Asia Pacific Institute for Medication Management, Philippines

- Irene Serrano, Community Pharmacist, Spain
- Wael Ali, Egyptian Organisation of Pharmacy, Egypt
- Luna El Bizri, Founder and Manager, Lunapharm Pharmacy, Lebanon