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Supporting self-care: children's health

16 December 2021


Pharmacy teams are increasingly supporting children and their carers with self-care. This webinar will focus particularly on appropriate management of choices of medicines and products to support children’s health, and the role of the pharmacist. A case study will be presented and the event will conclude with a panel discussion.

Aim: To identify how the community pharmacy team can support self-care of common health problems for children and their carers.

Learning objectives: 

  1. Increase awareness of children’s health issues, how common they are, what impacts they have and how they can be managed;
  2. Learn how to support carers and children with common health issues;
  3. Discuss appropriate management in the choice of medicines and products.
  4. Describe the role that pharmacist and their team can play in advising and educating carers and children so they can self-care.


  • Sarah Dineen-Griffin, Lecturer in health services management and leadership, Charles Sturt University, Australia


  • Hadi Dassouki, Community Pharmacist, Lebanon
  • Jack Collins, Postdoctoral Research Associate, The University of Sydney School of Pharmacy, Australia
  • Joanne Crook, Consultant Pharmacist Paediatrics, Kings College Hospital, UK