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Supporting self-care: Gastrointestinal complaints and treatments

2 December 2021


Gastrointestinal symptoms have an impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals that can be debilitating, however, the majority of people can be supported by the pharmacy team to self-care and effectively manage their symptoms.


To explore: lifestyle factors that can cause or worsen gastrointestinal complaints and the role of pharmacy team in supporting the majority of customers to self-care and effectively manage their symptoms.

Learning objectives: 

1. List common GI symptoms and their impact on people;
2. Identify and suggest approaches to addressing lifestyle factors causing GI symptoms.
3. Discuss the role of pharmacy team to support people with GI symptoms to self-care

- Manjiri Gharat, FIP Vice-President, India

- Ruth Rudling, Advanced Clinical Pharmacist for Specialty Medicines, Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust (MYHT), UK
Anja St. Clair-Jones, Consultant Pharmacist Gastroenterology, University Hospitals Sussex, UK