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Shaping the future of self-care: healthcare needs & challenges

19 May 2021

This event will set the scene for FIP’s self-care digital events programme. It will describe what the programme consists of and the main learning outcomes. This topic is important because pharmacy teams are increasingly supporting patients with self-care. The event will also describe what self-care involves, its benefits and the future of self-care. There will be a panel discussion about how pharmacy can shape the future of self-care.

To describe the future of self-care, its healthcare needs and challenges as well as the role pharmacy plays.

Learning Objectives:
1. Define self-care;
2. List the benefits of self-care;
3. Consider the healthcare needs and challenges of self-care;
4. Discuss the role of pharmacy in shaping the future of self-care.

Mr. Lars-Åke Söderlund, President Community Pharmacy Section FIP, Sweden.

Ms. Judy Stenmark, Director General Global Self-care Federation.
Ms. Catherine Laverty, Director of Communications, Global Self-Care Federation.
Mr. Daragh Connolly, Vice President Community Pharmacy Section FIP, Ireland.