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FIP “Setting goals for the decade ahead” | Episode 15 | FIP DG 12: Pharmacy intelligence

24 September 2021

This event will describe Development Goal 12: Pharmacy Intelligence and explore latest developments in data and intelligence that supports health care. It will identify practical approaches to progress towards Development Goal 12.

To discuss development goal 12 and how to ensure it supports health care.

Learning objectives:
1. Define pharmacy intelligence and explain priorities for its development (FIP Development Goal 12)
2. Discuss approaches to community pharmacy data collection
3. Explain the METNA project and its approach to data collection and needs assessment
4. List the functions of the GPO Atlas
5. Analyse and comment on possible indicators for DG12

Professor Robert Sindelar, Chair – One FIP Data and Intelligence Commission, Professor and Dean Emeritus, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of British Columbia, Canada

Panelists and Speakers
- Christopher John, Lead for Data and Intelligence, FIP, UK

- António Rodrigues, Executive Director - Portuguese Association of Pharmacies, Portugal

- Farah Aqqad, Regional Engagement and Project Coordinator, FIP, Jordan

- Dr Mira Zugic, President of the Pharmaceutical Chamber of Montenegro

- Dr Tanniru Narayana/Dr Rao Vadlamudi – Indian Pharmaceutical Association

- Mr. Nurul Falah Eddy Pariang, President – Indonesian Pharmacists Association.

- Sherly Meilianti, Data and Intelligence Specialist, FIP, UK/Indonesia