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FIP “Setting goals for the decade ahead” | Episode 11 | FIP DG 7: Advancing integrated services

18 August 2021

Episode 11 of the FIP Development Goals Digital Programme is focused on “advancing integrated services”. The goal visualizes a people-centred and integrated health care provision that is based on an interprofessional and cross-setting seamless continuum including pharmacist-delivered professional services. Through the lenses of pharmaceutical sciences, workforce, education, and practice, this event aims to advance the ideals of integrated service delivery in a way that benefits our patients and lead to improvement of health outcomes.

Event outcomes:
1. Describe and explain the components of FIP DG 7 (and its three elements: workforce & education, science and practice).
2. Showcase the FIP tools, evidence, and resources to support DG 7 implementation across the three elements.
3. Identify priorities across practice, science, and workforce & education within DG 7
4. Engage our members in an activity to support monitoring and evaluation of the Goal through data evidence

- Mariet Eksteen, Global Lead for Advancing Integrated Services (DG 7) FIP - South Africa

- Bob Buckham, National Programme Manager – Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Central Technical Advisory Services (TAS) - New Zealand
- Bärbel Holbein, FIP Global Lead for DG7 Advancing integrated services Lecturer, University of Bremen -
- Lars-Åke Söderlund, President, the Community Pharmacy Section, FIP Co-chair, the FIP Congress Programme Committee International Pharmaceutical Federation - Sweden
- Jacqueline Surugue, Chair of the FIP Pharmaceutical Technology Forum, Hospital Pharmacist, Centre Hospitalier Georges Renon - France