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FIP “Setting goals for the decade ahead” | Episode 7 | FIP DG 9: Continuing professional development strategies

23 June 2021
Episode 7 | FIP DG 9: Continuing professional development strategies
The FIP Development Goals Digital Programme “Setting goals for the decade ahead” is a comprehensive online event series providing coverage of the 21 goals over 21 events in 2021. The Programme aims to provide description, direction and context for each specific goal, with a global plan for the decade ahead and how each nation, within each region can identify and prioritise which goals are the priorities and how the goals can support developments and transformation for them.

FIP Development Goal 9 “Continuing professional development strategies” or “CPD strategies” describes our global ambition in pharmacy to link professional development activity with needs-based health policy initiatives and pharmaceutical career development pathways; as well as develop practice and needs-based CPD, demonstrating clear pathways for CPD of pharmaceutical scientists. This event will host a panel of speakers representing pharmacy practice, science and workforce & education.

Event outcomes:

1. Describe the FIP Development Goals and explain the components of DG 9 (and its three elements: workforce & education, science, and practice)
2. Showcase the FIP tools, evidence, and resources to
support DG 9 implementation across the three
3. Identify priorities across practice, science, and
workforce & education within DG 9
4. Engage our members in an activity to support
monitoring and evaluation of the Goal through
data evidence

-Dalia Bajis, FIP Lead for Provision and Partnerships - Bahrain
-Amy Chan, Senior Clinical Research Fellow University of Auckland, New Zealand

- Paul Sinclair, Community Pharmacist FIP, Australia
- Rula Darwish, Professor University of Jordan, Jordan
- Rebecka Isaksson, Postdoctoral Research Associate
UCL Department of Chemistry, United Kingdom
- Catherine Duggan, CEO International Pharmaceutical Federation, The Netherlands