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FIP “Setting goals for the decade ahead” | Episode 5 | FIP DG 1: Academic capacity

26 May 2021

The FIP Development Goals Digital Programme “Setting goals for the decade ahead” is a comprehensive online event series providing coverage of the 21 goals over 21 events in 2021. Starting in March, the 21 digital events aim to provide description, direction and context for each specific goal, with a global plan for the decade ahead and how each nation, within each region can identify and prioritise which goals are the priorities and how the goals can support developments and transformation for them.

This programme is all about engaging the profession and supporting the profession to deliver in relevant and purposeful ways. By engaging our profession, members & colleagues everywhere with these relevant and applicable goals for the decade ahead, we can provide tools, monitoring and evaluation through data evidence, and identifying priorities across practice, science, and workforce & education.

Find out more about the FIP Development Goals here:

Patricia Acuna-Johnson, Faculty Member, School of Chemistry and Pharmacy/Faculty of Pharmacy. U. Valparaiso, Chile, U. Valparaiso - Chile
Shaun Gleason, Director, Distance Degrees and Programs; Associate Professor, Dept. of Clinical Pharmacy, University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy - USA

- Claire Anderson, Professor of Social Pharmacy, Division of Pharmacy Practice and Policy, School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham - UK
- Arijana Mestrovic, Assistant Professor, Pharma Expert - Croatia
- Pierre Moreau, Dean, Kuwait University - Canada/Kuwait 
- Marilyn Morris, SUNY Distinguished Professor, State University of New York at Buffalo- USA
- Mariam Boakye Gyasi, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology - Ghana