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FIP “Setting goals for the decade ahead” | Episode 3 | FIP DG 16: Communicable diseases

29 April 2021

The 3rd episode of the programme explores FIP Development Goal 16: Communicable diseases. Through this goal, we aim to oversee the prevention, surveillance, scientifically strategic management and therapeutic optimisation of communicable and vector-borne diseases. This event will take place during World Immunisation Week and it will reiterate the commitment of pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists and pharmaceutical educators to improving vaccination coverage around the world, and to further support the prevention and management of communicable diseases.

Event outcomes:
1. Describe and explain the components of FIP DG 16 (and its three elements: workforce & education, science and practice).
2. Showcase the FIP tools, evidence, and resources to support DG 16 implementation across the three elements.
3. Identify priorities across practice, science, and workforce & education within DG 16
4. Engage our members in an activity to support monitoring and evaluation of the Goal through data evidence

Gonçalo Sousa Pinto, FIP Lead for Practice Development and Transformation - Spain

Rúben Viegas, FIP Practice Development Projects Coordinator - Spain

- Ian Bates, Chair of pharmacy education, UCL, FIP Director of the Workforce Development Hub - UK
- Lars-Åke Söderlund, President, Community Pharmacy Section, FIP - Sweden
- Eduardo Savio, President Pharmaceutical Forum of the Americas - Uruguay
- Cameron Phillips, Academic and Senior Pharmacist, Flinders University College of Medicine and Public health & Flinders - Australia