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Manufacturing Classification System for oral solid dosage forms: Good in Theory and in Practice

A webinar organised by: Pharmaceutical science
26 January 2021

This online seminar will give an introduction to the MCS concept for the development of oral solid dosage forms (tablets and capsules). It will give case studies of its application throughout the drug development process in the areas of formulation design, process development, materials science and characterization of both API and drug product. There will be opportunity for discussion around the path forward for the MCS initiative, as well as barriers seen to future implementation.

Delegates will learn the principles of the MCS concept and how to apply it to both batch and continuous manufacture. Examples will be given of how MCS can be combined with modelling to improve drug development.

This event is organised by the Academy of Pharmaceutical Scientists (APS), the FIP Drug Delivery and Manufacturing Special Interest Group and the Board of Pharmaceutical Sciences of FIP.

- Michael Leane, Associate Scientific Director, Bristol Myers Squibb - UK
- Tetsuya Ozeki, Chair for SIG on Drug Delivery and Manufacturing, International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) - Japan

- Kendal Pitt, Senior Technical Director, GlaxoSmithKline - UK
- Iris Ziegler, Director Pharmaceutical Sciences & QbD, Corden Pharma International GmbH - Germany
- Gavin Reynolds, Astra Zeneca - UK
- Neil Dawson, Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer - UK