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Reducing Inequities in the Health and Pharmacy Workforce: The Importance of Maternity and Parental Leave Policies

30 May 2024

Pregnant women and mothers often encounter bias by being viewed as inconveniences or liabilities by their employers. Their ability to perform quality work is also presumed to be compromised due to their pregnancy or motherhood responsibilities. Insufficient support and workplace policies exacerbate these challenges, including the absence of flexible work arrangements and adequate accommodations like maternity leave.
These inequities impact women across various sectors; however, they are particularly evident within the health and pharmacy workforce since women represent over 70% of the workforce in the health and social sectors1. To address these issues and inequities, it is crucial to challenge and dismantle the gender biases and stereotypes that perpetuate discrimination against pregnant women and mothers. EquityRx and FIPWiSE (Women in Science and Education) are hosting a digital event to highlight and address some of these issues, particularly those related to maternity leave policies.